Thursday, July 22, 2010

ahhh summer...

(sun setting in Avon, NC)

As I sit here in our dining room turned home office with the warm sun coming through the windows, drinking coffee...having two kids has made me learn to enjoy a cup of early morning joe... I reflect.

Our summer has been a breath of fresh air! I would say (hoping to do a post one of these days) that the 3 months prior to summer were probably some of the craziest times we had ever had what with having a baby, selling our house, moving into a friends, going back to work and then moving into our new place, whew! I have absolutely loved playing "house" in my new home! We love every nook and cranny of this abode. We have met many neighbors and have been playing with them both little and big on a weekly basis. I love, love, love the fact that there are little people Ollie's age that live across the street and down the street and in the cul-de-sac (get the picture?!) What an incredible blessing to be able to walk to play and visit and learn about our new friends. The potential amazes me...borrowing an egg, watching each other's kids while you run out for something, and perhaps maybe even a supper'!

I have met so many new friends this summer both in our new hood my new job! Yes, as if we didn't have enough change in our lives I decided to switch schools for this upcoming year. I decided to pack up my things after finishing my 7th year of teaching at Hunter and hang my teacher apron at a new school...Irving Park...teaching a new grade...3rd! I am so excited...the opportunities in all of this are like I said earlier...a breath of fresh air!
Waking up every summer morning and getting to hang with these two has been so sweet and fun! Wishing I could store up the summer rest for the crazier times to come, but that's the joy of summer, a rest and an in between and believe me everyone in our family enjoys it!

Ollie has loved playing in his playroom and exploring...he asked me the other day when we were going back to school, glad to know he enjoys it so much! He's almost figured out how to swim, jumped off the diving board to Matt 4 times in a row last week. And we've figured out that he might be even more extroverted than his mommy! He loves his new neighbors too!
Sweet blue eyes continues to make us smile...she has been grabbing things like crazy, can almost roll over from her back to close. She can sit un-assisted for about 2 seconds...loves eating big girl food...does not however love a bottle at the moment. She squeals with delight..a lot...did it in her crib for about 10 minutes last night while going to sleep. She is a funny girl, it is so neat seeing more of a personality these days. And she still lights up like Christmas any time her big brother is near...he can make her cackle like she's just heard the funniest joke ever!

Loving every moment of it...ahhh summer!
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gooddog said...

Im finally catching up on reading through my blogroll. Love your updates and especially that pic of SC with her bud Levi rolling over. It has been fantastic to see you at the pool some and be able to chat. Hope our paths cross more!
hugs- heather bland