Thursday, July 29, 2010

babes on bellies...

It has been an uber crazy fun week so far this week. My parents came into town on Sunday night and left yesterday morning, then the wee ones and I headed to Fort Mill, SC for the day to visit my best friend Carla and her new (well new as in 6 months old) baby Levi! sweet and so much more active than Sarah Claire...he even tried to roll out of his bouncy seat while we were there!
Bad lighting but a funny pic...she was checking him out and I think it worked because SC rolled over 2 times this morning all by herself, yay!
Sweet glad to see your mommy and finally kiss your face!

More to come on the earlier adventures of the week...
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Phrona said...

Let the fun begin. She will be scooting herself all over the place. Levi is cute.
We had a wonderful time with you and thank you and Matt for sharing your home. We love ALL of you!
Hope to see you soon.