Thursday, January 17, 2008

41 cents

This blog post is brought to you by for snow days!

So I am taking a short break in my posting about Ollie to let you hear a ramble that's been happening in my crazy little brain lately. I was just reflecting the other day that I miss Christmas...not the hustle and bustle, whew, that was a lot to handle this year, but I miss the mail...Christmas cards people! It's one of my favorite parts of Christmas coming home every afternoon sorting through the mail and opening all of our friends sweet Christmas cards. I love seeing how our friends, their babies, their dogs, have grown over the year. After Christmas is over I change all the pictures on our fridge from old to new, so we can enjoy the cards or the photos all year long.

I guess what I'm saying is I like getting old fashioned mail, it seems like all the mail we get other than the month of December is junk, bills and the occasional YL support letter. I have this one friend who writes the best
thank you notes, I even thought about giving her a gift, just so I could receive a real letter in the mail. I want my friends and family to know that today, well everyday, I think you are worth 41 cents, it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it, so maybe I'm making this a new years resolution 17 days late, to reflect, to appreciate and to write.


Anonymous said...

Hey Whit,
I think you are worth 41 cents also. I remember when you were in college, I wrote you a note or letter almost everyday. You know not only did you appreciate it, but it made me appreciate you too. Letters are a things of beauty to be cherished and passed on for generations. I too will write more.I like to send cards all the time. P.S. I can't find our pic on the refrigerator but that's ok. I know you love us, just write us a letter!

hannam said...

Is that my mom in a sombraro on your fridge? Can I get a copy of that with my letter?

Seriously Whit, you're right. Letter writing is the best. I enjoy writing letters. It's mailing them I hate.

Kevin and Amy Sasser said...

Hey Ollie!

My mommy and I will be praying for you tomorrow. We will be waiting for a full report. I am sure you will be a great patient! Hopefully we can have a playdate soon, once we are both better! Love, Anna Cate

PS-Tell your mommy I will write her soon and yes, via snail mail! :)