Saturday, November 1, 2008

Please Don't Go Girl!!!

I headed down to Charlotte, NC on Thursday afternoon to meet up with my mom, to cash in on my early and very awesome Christmas present.
To see these guys...NKOTB or "The Block" as they like to be referred to as of 2008.
Here are a few snaps of the evening, we really did have great seats, but my camera just wasn't into taking great pictures that night, the close of up Joey was on the Big screen above our heads.
Ok, here's my honest (and somewhat sad) review. Back in the day, lets say about 20 years ago (whew hard to believe) my friend Erin and I would prance around her house in our pj's every weekend. She was into Jordan and I was into Joey Mac. We would bolt out the lyrics, play with our NKOTB Barbie dolls, put on our pins, stare at our bookbags, fun times, those were the days! I'm here to tell you that THOSE boys are all grown up now! We got at the concert around 8pm surrounded by 30 something women who looked just like me, they all probably drove mini vans, all had a diaper in the purse, all had pics of their kids on their cell phones, you get the picture. Well of course there were opening acts, the chick that came on before New Kids referred to herself as Lady Ga Ga or something, she pranced around in her underwear referring to a man's disco stick, sorry my blog is not G-rated today. We should have known she was setting us up for something. So finally out come the 5 men, who used to be kids, the new kids. They sang and danced (not as lively as they used too.) Some of them looked like they were having the time of their lives and then Jon looked as if he was bored out of his mind. Then out came the half -naked back up dancers swirling their little tushes and everything else all around The Block. Donnie dropped the f-bomb like 3 times, yeah, I said f-bomb, referred to sex more than once. When it was over I think my mom and I were like, "what just happened?" I mean I'm glad I went, it really was a dream come true, but I guess that's just it I guess my dreams are different now, I've changed, they have changed and apparently sex sells! Will I be loving youuuuuuuu....forever?
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