Wednesday, September 16, 2009

tent time!!!

Olls and I pulled out the tent this afternoon, it's a favorite rainy day activity except today he scooted in and said oooh mommy I sleep in this pack and plays, so funny!

Sorry for the lack of blog updates, we've been busy around these parts. Busy cleaning and organizing our house. We decided about 3 weeks ago to put our house on the market. We LOVE our house, its been such a sweet place to hang our hats for the past 7 years but we would like to try and find something a little bit bigger. So we'll see what happens, if nothing else we have a very clean and organized home!

We've (well I've) been busy growing another Hannam. The preggers pouch has popped out. My kids at school tell me everyday that my belly is bigger than the day before, hmmm, thanks guys. We started measuring the circumference last Friday and will again every Friday, my kids get pumped about this for some reason. I would say I am officially hungry pretty much all the time, trying not to eat all the time, mind you. I started to text Matt yesterday to pick up the following items: some delicious bread, hashbrown casserole from Cracker Barrel and some white sauce from KiHa...notice I said started to text.

Olls has been busy at his new school, which we love, he loves! He been learning new songs and making new friends and tricks. That kid is a sponge I tell you and we soak it up!
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Mom in C. said...

Wow! Thanks for the update and the great pictures. You just go ahead and text Matt with your goodies. It is justified when you have a little one on the way. Isnt that the greatest gift Grandma and Grandpa gave Ollie... the tent. What a fun thing for rainy days and cold weather. They are the neatest.
Love ya,
Mom in C.

Sarah said...

It's fun to read an update! I was pregnant with Jack all through the better part of last school year, and I heard some hilarious comments from my kids as well. They really do love to remind you how big you are, that you are going to pop, try and talk to the baby, and one even asked me if I could still sleep on my belly anymore! So cute!