Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lemon cake dreams...

I made this cake for a cookout celebrating my friend Steffany's birthday a few weekends ago. It was a Lemon box cake mix with butter cream icing...garnished with strawberries and mint from our garden!! It was really, really yummy!

Making this lemon cake gave me a glimpse of things to come very, very soon! That's right its time for my end of the school year, looking so forward to summer blog post! In 11 more school days and 2 work days I'll be at home chilaxin' with my little people. I feel so blessed to get a break every year to be with my kids, to hang with my slow down and hopefully rest!

When not resting I hope to be spending my time...baking (already tagging recipes in cookbooks,) swimming/ sunning at the pool, gardening, teaching (hope to work with Ollie some each day with basic reading skills,) exercising (yes, I said it...I need to pump it up,) taking pictures of my kids and friends kids (new born babies are plentiful in my hood) and sewing (yes I have a machine and I want to figure out its odds and ends!)

Sound ambitous...maybe...but until then I'll just hang onto my lemon cake dreams!
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