Friday, November 4, 2011

The Halloween Journey...

Greetings! Happy Weekend...we've just finished a very long week in the Hannam household...more on that in a minute. Our Halloween journey was a super fun one. It started a few weeks ago when Grandma Cheryl (who SC now calls "Maw Maw") came down for a visit. The kids put on thier costumes for a little preview. At that point Olls was planning on going as Batman. Fast forward 3 weeks to our neighborhood Halloween party which was this past Sunday afternoon (have I mentioned lately how much I love our neighborhood?) Ollie decided the size 7 (from a consignment sale) Batman was just too uncomfortable in the chest area. So last minute costume change to a "Virginia Tech Cowboy." Sarah Claire woke up on Sunday from her nap with a slight fever, so she did not make it to the party. Everybody was feeling good on Monday so off to school the tiger and the cowboy headed. We went trick or treating with our neighbors that night, got loads of candy and had a great time. I made another Animoto video highlighting these oh so fun events you can see it here.

Monday night, sweet baby girl woke up coughing, a lot in the middle of the night. So I decided to keep her (and her brother for moral support) home from school and take a trip to visit our doctor. Poor baby had "walking pneumonia" yes, so crazy. Thankfully, the dr. said it sounds worse (sounds horrible) than it really is. So she was put on the baby version of Z pack and told to rest and heal. Maw Maw thankfully came down to our rescue to take care of the sick patient while we went to work. It has been an eventful week with long nights and reactions to the meds in a throw upy kind of way. This picture was taken yesterday. But she is on the mend. She was much better today and we look forward to a full recovery over the weekend. Feeling thankful tonight for healing and the Great Healer!

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