Monday, January 16, 2012

what I've been up too...

Ok, sorry for the lack of blog love these days. I am off today and enjoying a few minutes of quiet time around the house so thought I would share a new area of interest (ie passion, ie time waster of mine!) It's called Pinterest. Oh "she" is a gem, a gem which hosts your internet quandaries and searches and keeps it all in a nice little spot for you. You can then come back and search for that new recipe you saw or that organization tip or craft for Valentine's day, etc, etc.

This kids bedroom (above) looks oh so cute. This website had step by step instruction on how to create it.

And this recipe...Parmesan crusted Tilapia, sounds delightful. I actually did a modified version of this last night with chicken breasts. So yum!
This was one of the first pins I made in my "My Style" board: a great DSLR tutorial. I learned some stuff and sent it on to a few people I thought might enjoy learning something too about shooting in manual mode.
I made these "7 Up" biscuits last week, had sprite on hand, and they turned out so incredible! And were oh so easy!
And I have saved tons of photo ideas as well. Like this one, so cute!

So come on join in with me in this super fun Internet's not quite as bad as being hooked on a Francine Rivers book...well...not...yet at least!


Joylynn said...

Well way to get me hooked on a new blog, complete with room make-overs that make my mind tingle. ;) That biscuit recipe is saved in my bookmarks now too:) But I still refuse to join Pinterest because I'm aware of the addictive power it holds over many people. I'd become one of them lickety split.

Amy Sasser said...

Tried the biscuit recipe last week after I saw it posted on your fb. Yummy and so easy! Thanks for sharing, friend!!!