Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow day...

Snow!!! We finally got our first and maybe only round of the white stuff this past Sunday. It was 60 degrees on Saturday and then Sunday afternoon and night we ended up getting about 2 and half inches of snow. That was enough for us to get out of school on Monday! The fluffy bundle of goodness only hung around for about 20 hours, but we managed to get out in it for some fun bright and early Monday morning. Ollie had a blast, Sarah Claire on the other hand enjoyed it at first, wanted nothing to do with the sled.

We are gearing up for the big birthday weekend. We decided to invite some of Ollie's best buds over for a sleepover on Friday night, we are hoping this ends up being a great time for all, we shall see. Then we have plans for a big family dinner on Saturday to celebrate Ollie and Sarah Claire's bdays together. The big birthday surprise for parents are taking him to Disney World next good to be loved! So hard to believe we will have a 5 year old and a 2 year old come next week! Time sure does fly.
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