Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ollie's 6th birthday party!

 Hard to believe that tomorrow my baby boy will turn 6 years old! This past Friday we celebrated with friends and family at Chuck E Cheese!
 Mmm, cake in one hand and ice cream in the other!

Sweet friends from school, his teacher even dropped by for a bit!!
The little sisters got in on the playing too!
LOVE this guy, we were so excited to celebrate him but even more to give him his big surprise present at home!
Matt was bringing the present into the dining room, what a sweet face!
 And here it is after he took the towel off (our wrapping paper)...a cute little hamster!! He was so excited.
Here it is, a sweet little hamster...his name...Playish!  He said, well as soon as I took him out of the cage he wanted to play with me, so I named him Play-ish! Ollie has loved on him so much since Friday night, we hope "he" (actually we think its a girl) is going to be a great addition to our family!

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