Thursday, March 7, 2013

the girl in the pink room...

 We finished Sarah Claire oh so pink room (the new addition) about two months ago.  I finally got around today to snapping her in her "element."  She still loves to slip into her dress up dresses after school, here she is in front of her lovely pink doll house that Grandma and Grandpa H. got her for Christmas.
 Love these pink paper lanterns, from IKEA, they were in her nursery before.
 More of the dresses we wear every day.
 View of the big window with our new IKEA shelf and cubbies (I love that word) the rug is from IKEA also, it was $15, love that place.
 Brother Bunny is often driving Polly's Pink convertible!
 Here she pulled out her new "soup case" (bathing suit) so cute! We are excited to wear it one of these days!

Deep in thought for a that headband, think it might be Molly's.
Here she is making a bed for her puppy....notice the little wand, she holds little princess things like that a lot!
Oh how we love the 3 year old sweetie who lives in the pink room upstairs!

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Sarah said...

Very cute! I love the lanterns! And I agree, Ikea is so much fun to shop!