Thursday, April 11, 2013

A hiking we will go...

 This past weekend we headed to the hills near Stuart, VA for a little afternoon picnic and hike.  Here are a few pics I took along the way.  SC in the car, she said, "look I have a mustache!" Not so sure what the deal is with mustache's these days but even our 3 year old is in on it!
 Practicing yoga or ballet, in the woods...such a free spirit.
 Ollie practicing his rock skipping skills.
 SC has all her gear, Dora backpack, hiking stick and a Daddy's hand.
 Ok this was too funny, Olls lost his pocket knife and Sarah Claire and I sat down to chill while they went to look for it.  For real the girl, picked up this big rock, started pushing button and then began to talk to it like it was a cell phone.  She talked to all her friends and all her grandparents.
 So...very...cute...she would end with ok, bye,bye!
Ollie in one of his "caves!"  We had a fun time on our little outdoor adventure!

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