Thursday, February 21, 2008

Company One

Rewind four weeks ago Ollie got tubes in his ears. It was a great decision and the surgery was quick and painless. Fast forward three weeks later...last Monday, Ollie's right ear started draining, not a big deal, we took a visit to the ENT. They asked us if we wanted to participate in a research "study." Sure I said, because they were going to give him either a study anti-biotic or one already on the market, either way we couldn't loose. So we had to go in for 4 visits call a phone diary system twice a day, every day for 21 days. Oh, and we got paid for it all, a hefty amount if I don't say so myself. Fast forward again, 8 days into the study...Ollie's ears are still draining, so we're back at the ENT today for an unscheduled appointment to "discuss" the options. Let me just say that two weeks ago when I went to get his ears re-checked from surgery we seriously waited about 45 min-1 hour. Well when you are a research patient you don't even hardly have time to sit down and take your jacket off before they call you back for your appt. Yeah, real fair I know...well so we met with the Dr. and I decided that I just wanted Ollie better, and that we would pull out of the study. The research nurse looked slightly put out and walked us back up the to the front desk to tell the receptionist that we needed a follow up appointment in two weeks. The best part was that she said, "not a research appointment, a company one appointment." Maybe that is code for it's ok, they don't have a life or a one year old,they can wait for a really long time and get even more germs from all the toys in the waiting room. Sigh, what is the moral of this stay in school and don't do drugs and maybe when you grow up you should become a research doctor because apparently they make mega bucks.

In other news I have heard Ollie say the following words in the past two weeks: Momma, Dadda, this, cat, mo (more), up (pick me up), truck and ball. And he is quickly learning the meaning of the word no and my heart aches for the day that he will learn to say it back.


hannam said...

you guys need to let that poor cat back into the house! like it or not, marzi is ollie's cat now.

Anonymous said...

He is just the sweetest. Happy lst Birthday Ollie (2/25/08). You aren't quite one yet but it's much better this year!
Those ears will clear up soon and you will be more than Momma and Daddy can handle.
Have a great Birthday and know all the Blessings you have brought to our lives. We love you Ollie,
Grandma and Granddaddy in C.