Sunday, March 2, 2008

Snapshots of our ONE year old!

So we celebrated Ollister's 1st birthday this past week, I wish I had some cute birthday pics but here are a few highlights from this week. Ollie's 1st taste of mommy's homemade lasagna, he had three Ollie size helpings. He has gotten so much better at eating "big boy " food, which makes our lives so much easier.Yum!
We went to Oriental this past weekend, to hang out on the boat with some friends. Here is the big boy loving swinging on the swings, woo hoo!
Family Photo!
New tricks include: sharing snacks, blowing kisses, waving bye bye like crazy, being cute (well he's been working on that one for a while) and the big news... we saw him walk 5 or so steps on his own several times this weekend.


Katie said...

Whit! I don't think you could have a more precious baby boy! he is so sweet!
we should hang out sometime soonish! psI'll be here this summer!

hannam said...

I've decided to get Ollie accustomed to receiving late presents from me at an early age.
Keep checking the mailbox.
Your hair looks really nice by the way.

Anonymous said...

YEAH OLLIE! He's walking .... He's walking.... GO BIG BOY! G. MA

Anonymous said...

Ollie is having a good time. Still
can't believe our "baby" is one year old. Happy Walking to you Ollie. Now your Mom and Dad will have lots of fun running around after you. Have a Blessed Easter and don't eat too much chocolate bunnies or marshmellow chicks. Hope you get a Cantbury Egg Whit.
Love to all of you,
Mom in Charleston, SC