Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've been tagged...

My friend Millie recently tagged me in one of her posts. I think this means that I am supposed to tell you the blogging world 7 strange or weird things about me. It's weird to confess some of these but here goes:

  1. I have two fake teeth, yep, my I-teeth (sp.) came in as babies but never grew up to be adults. Next time you're around you should look real close to my gums, those two teeth are not connected. They are however permanent marilyn bridges, coincidentally my brother is missing the same exact two teeth.
  2. I LOVE to dance! I mean real going to the clubs, shake it like a Polaroid picture dance. My dad and I started shagging when I was just big enough to walk, I guess that's when it all started. If a rap song comes on in the car and I feel close enough to you I will just let loose.
  3. I like to put a dab of mayo in my chili, yep, once again you have to be like family to see this happen b/c I am almost always embarrassed to do this, but it is so yum. My uncle started me on this.
  4. I was in beauty pageants when I was in high school, somewhere in Hollywood, SC there are a lot of blackmailing video tapes.
  5. I can do a pretty decent English accent. My kids at school call it my "Harry Potter" voice. I hope Ollie learns to appreciate the Brittish Mum he has one day.
  6. I like the way weird things smell: toe jam, ear wax, gasoline, dead skunks, and rubber cement.
  7. And the big one, don't tell anyone or turn me into the police: I secretly have always wanted to steal something, yikes, I said it. My friends have always wanted to set this up for me, but alas it has not happened. When I go into a store I often find myself thinking, man I could steal that so easily, but I have not done it and I'm really not sure if I really ever would do it.
So there you have it, Mom, if you are reading this and some of it is a surprise, I know you'll still love me. I choose to tag: Melissa, Carla, Joylynn, Jenny, Sarah and Matty of course.


Anonymous said...

You are right, I do love you no matter what. Please don't steal anything though because Ollie would be sad to get his Mother out of jail. (Your Dad says he wants to do that also - maybe you can work something out!) I am sorry that I gave you and Wes those missing teeth. Dance the night away and have fun. Moma

Joylynn said...

Wow Whitney! I would never have the courage to admit half those things! ;)

Matt Hannam said...

you're the best.