Sunday, April 20, 2008

The weekend update...

It's been a big weekend in the 'Boro. We started Friday night by pulling all our junk out of our attic, closet, fridge, etc in anticipation of our big yard sale on Saturday morning. It all started at 5:45 am when my friend Melissa pulled up to unload all her stuff to sell. Then the fun really began around 6:45/ 7:00 when people started coming. Our friends the Sheltons also sold some stuff as well. I think we did pretty good we made close to $300, which we spent all yesterday on lottery tickets, just kidding. We are trying to find a really cool swing set/ slide/climby thing for the Ollister. This morning 4 of Ollies girlies got dedicated at church, it was so sweet seeing them up there in their pink and white frills. And now we are brought to the picture above, which is currently taking place in the room across the hall. Ollie seemed to be of the not so sleepy nature this afternoon when we got home from church, but nonetheless we were determined to stick to our guns with nap time. So after 30 minutes of him talking, singing, playing, walking (yes, walking) in his crib, I went in to lay him down once again, he popped right up. So I gave him some reading materials and shut the door, 15 minutes later I walk in to find this. Ha, reading always makes me sleepy too, sweet boy. Please note that he did indeed pull an arm off of one of the pages in his Wiggle Your Toes book. I guess he wanted to point out that his two animals: ice bear and silly buddy were also napping in his crib.


Whitney said...

this kid is cute and getting cuter. He's even cute when he is asleep.


sh said...

Wait, fridge?
What did you sell out of your fridge at your yard sale?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I finally got the pic to come up of my sweet, precious, Angel grandson. He is the cutest ever. I can just see him running around in the crib. Next thing you know, he will be climbing out and coming the the LR to say "HI".
He is 100% all American Boy! Yea!
I just love him so much. I still think he wants to move to C. He tells me that all the time Whit.
Love to you all.
Grandma in C.

Anonymous said...

PS: Whit, Do you think he is old enough to have a hypo-allergenic
pillow? You know one of those smaller ones that is not too soft?
He just looks like he would enjoy a little pillow. Should I look for one and send it with your Mother's Day gift?
Love ya,