Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Homecoming Halloween

We headed to Gardner-Webb this past weekend for a little family frolick for Halloween and Homecoming. Dr. Ollie was on call all day long!
We started our evening Friday night at one of our favorite "meat and 3" places in Boiling Springs...The Snack Shop. We haven't been back to school in about 6 years...it was good for me to re-connect with one of my favorite dives...and devour this Greek Salad.
Remember this story from this summer, well this is the spot, by the creek where I said Yes!
We went all around town seeing the sights which included a McDonalds in the middle of town...crazy! Did a little tailgating, trick or treated here and there, played in the ball pit, saw the parade, fed some ducks, watched the marching band (not there when we went to school) and cheered our Runnin' Bulldogs on to a victory!
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Emily said...

Hey, I bet that was fun! I'd like to go back and see everything... I heard they got a McDonald's now... where was that when we were there?? Did you go visit our old dorms or anything?