Monday, January 11, 2010


days left until my due date...March 8! Whoa! Finally got Matt to snap a few shots tonight of the belly at 32 weeks. We haven't done that great of a job documenting this time around. The question of the hour these how are you feeling? The answer...pregnant, very pregnant! I am still working full time, plan on doing it until the baby comes or my doctor says otherwise...which makes for a worn out girl at the end of the day. My feet are swollen by the time I get home and other parts are achy as well, it's been a bit harder on me this time around. BUT the great news is that my blood pressure has been great so far...around 30 weeks with Ollie my bp started going up which led into me checking it everyday, coming home from work 2 hours early to "rest," and being induced a week early. All of which was better the second after he made his entrance into the world, love your prayers that the bp stays normal for 8 more weeks. Emotionally I am getting really excited to meet this little person, to find out finally if "it" is a he or she. I still sit on the fence...protecting my heart a bit I say, but will be happy either way.
This little guy is getting geared up to be a big brother. I was trying to get him to kiss the belly, he was a bit's big, I know! He goes back and forth on whether he's having a brother or sister, if daddy's nearby it's definitely a brother. We do have a boy's name picked out but still aren't solid on a girls, mainly b/c Matt is so sure it is another boy! For curiosity sake I added a poll to my blog, so if you haven't voted yet please do (if you're reading this in google reader, you have to click on the blue headline to visit the real thing to cast your vote!) Says polls close in 18 days, but they might be opened a bit longer. 56 more days...I better go nest!!
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Mom in C. said...

Wait until your daughter gets pregnant and shows you this! Wow.
I just am ready for you to have this sweet little one also. Wish I lived closer so I could help you out. You are in our prayers always. Ollie does look a little taken back by his baby. It will be worth it when you see his or her sweet little face and hold him or her in your arms. We will see you soon.
I love you,
Mom in C.

Joylynn said...

I love the look on Ollie's face:) hehehe.

Sarah said...

Hi Whitney!

I don't know what the odds are about how right the dads are in guessing the gender of the baby BUT Howard has been right both times with our kids. I was convinced our second was a boy and we had Alexa...:-)It's so much fun guessing and waiting.