Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red light Green light!!!!

We're trying to be a bit creative around our house these days with things to do at night before bed, one thing we taught Ollie how to play was Red Light, Green Light...with a few minor adjustments. The first time we played he had some pattern blocks( courtesy of Mrs. Hannam's classroom) in his hand or something and put them down on the ground on one end of our hall. So now everytime we play he runs to his room grab some shapes and says "we're ready to play now!"
This is where the "caller" sits...one end of the hall, on the bathroom stool. You know the rules, whoever touches the caller first gets to be the new caller. It is important to note that we have a great hallway for this game. It is also important to note that Ollie loves to be the caller. Sorry these pics are a bit blurry...trying to capture action in a manual mode on my camera...you can see me in the corner of the mirror. It is also important to note that I had quite a few braxton hicks contractions while playing this game earlier tonight...fun times!
Green light in action!
As mentioned above we play this game with a few minor adjustments, one being we had to knock out the yellow light, that one was a bit too confusing, so we roll with Green (run) Red (stop) and then my favorite (which also came from Mrs. Hannam's class) Purple Light...when the caller calls purple light you have to stop and shake what your moma gave you of course. We all love the Purple light!
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Mom in C. said...

We used to play a kinda different version of this game. It is fun.
Good to play games instead of watching TV all the time. Not too many days left on your voting for a boy or a girl. Yey, girls are winning! Have you all come up with a name yet? I still have not found the "stamps". So dumb! Have a fun time with the games.
Love ya,
Mom in C.