Thursday, August 26, 2010

waiting for dinner...

This is the scene at our house these days after school the kiddos play while mom whips up something for dinner. Notice something different...we've moved out of the bouncy seat and onto the floor!!!
This girl still LOVES her boy and lights up when she see him and he gives her a bigger hug than me when we all get re-united at school every afternoon.
Look closely and you can see Sarah Claire's two front...well bottom teeth!
Little Sister's new trick...sitting coming quite old hat. The shirt however (size 3 months) is about to be officially too little for this almost 6 month old, but don't you worry I've got long sleeve lil sis/ big bro tees waiting in their closets!
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Smmilie said...

Jumped out of Reader just to thank you for the adorable pics of SC laughing at her big precious!