Saturday, August 21, 2010

week in review...

We made it!!! First week back to work, Sarah Claire's first week in daycare...everyone survived. All in all a good week...the fact, however, that the clock is nearing 5pm and both my kiddos are still napping should be a good clue to the fact that sleep was well let's say...optional this week!

Highlights...Ollie loved being with his friends and both old and new...the kids from across the hall got moved up...he got moved into the 3yr class a bit early back in the spring when baby sis came along. Fun fact our pediatrician's youngest son is now in his class. Carrot the class bird still chirps and unfortunately his room is still peanut free...sigh!

Sarah Claire is one of eight babies in her class, the 2nd oldest, the oldest being almost 7 months. She spent the week with her teacher's Andrea and Kim and her new pals...Kyle, Henry, Molly, Grace, Sophia and Addison (twins) and Braedon. She is trying to figure out how to sleep on her back, she's a tummy sleeper you know...not quite rolling over to sleep that way. She was sitting up on Monday for about 30 seconds and by the end of the week can sit up for about 10 minutes, no joke! What a cute sight!

Mrs. Hannam cleaned, organized, sorted, learned, hung, stapled and lots of other various things this week at school. I am feeling excited for the newness and enjoyed meeting all the new "pirates!" We had a family photo session this morning at the lake near our house by this sweet friend...can't wait to see the results. And I got a new hair do...cut about 5 inches off, it's spunky...and therefore probably completes the re-newal process of this baby, new house, new job, new do.

We're excited for fall and all it has in store!

Ps...I was trying to re-create this photo session oh some 3 years ago, but a thunderstorm and an over tired baby kept it from being a big event!
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Sara said...

thanks whitney! I am so thankful you asked me to take pictures! I can't wait to get them edited and for you to see them!

Joylynn said...

I want to see your new haircut!!