Friday, December 10, 2010

You can fly with Shutterfly!!!

Merry Christmas season...I am super excited to tell you this afternoon about all the incredible deals and showcase some of the fabulous products that you can get and/ or give to your loved ones this holiday season from Shutterfly. Three years ago we gave my dad a really cute photo mug with Ollie on it...when he was about Sarah Claire's age. My dad loves this mug, it is totally one of his favorites. We need to get him one with the princess on it. If you or someone you are close to is a coffee drinker this is totally a gift you might want to consider giving.
Another great gift is the photobook. This one is totally a classic. Matt gave me one of these about 5 years ago. It is so sweet, it highlights our adventures on our old sailboat, The Water Weasel. I love this book...I just re-organized our home library in our new house a few weeks ago and I was so excited to be able to "display" this book on our shelf. We look so young...and a few friends have looked at it since I've had it out. These are such a great way to preserve photos with a flair of a book. Maybe someone in our family will receive one of these for Christmas.
The third Shutterfly project that everyone these days is working on is the photo Christmas Cards. We have already received 3 of these in the mail and I love displaying them on the pantry door. They have so many cute cards this year. I've got my eye on a few that I absolutely love. Like this one "Joy and Love"...certainly fits our life this year.

Thanks for "listening" to me talk and share about some of my favorite Shutterfly products. Hopefully you can find just what you're looking for...I sure did!

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