Tuesday, September 6, 2011

in the classroom...

day 1 of 180, whew do they look excited!

It's been a good start in Room 24 with 24 kids total! I am enjoying getting to know all of these lovely faces!

I took these pics on the playground for my work display bulletin board. May I introduce you to:

Anna, Kamaria, Elmer,
Lin, Bum, Hannon,
Evelyn, Lauren, Courtney,
Jayna, Elijah, Brooke,
Terrence, Jacob, Flinn,
Maggie, Destynee, Andre,
Thomas, Madylin, Blen,
and Logan. (sorry the grid repeated, and ZiYa and Jeremiah were absent this day!)

Pretty cute and way smart looking, don't you think?!
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Katie said...

You have three of my kiddos!!!!!!!!!