Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday snapshots...

It's been a while since we've had a Hannam a few snaps of what was happening around our house today. Matt and Ollie worked on the benches that will be on the back and the side of our new deck. Ollie was very serious about helping and did a good job.

He is really loving his new class and almost as if magically has discovered a love for letters, words and writing the past 2 weeks. They work on this a lot at school. I have to say that this makes my heart really, really happy! I even down loaded a few apps for my phone to help with this new love of all things phonics! I got him a new bigger bike at a consignment sale a few weeks ago (for $7 I might add!) So he's been into riding that a lot and he's taking soccer "lessons" at school so he's been enjoying that as well!

Sarah Claire figured out how to go down this little slide we have in our yard this week. She is so cute and every time when she gets down she says, yay and claps for herself! So cute!!

She is also into words these days, speaking them that is. It's been so encouraging as it has helped with her being so frustrated at times! She says basic words we use daily, shoes might possibly be her favorite word, she says that one a lot, she likes shoes a lot! I heard her say, No and Mine for the first time this week, not so excited about those but it was bound to happen. She is a cutey pie and on a side note, the majority of her hair is pulled back into a pony tail in these pictures, it's getting long!

Happy Saturday from our fam to yours!
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