Monday, May 28, 2012

Camping...practice trip!

So after we left the baby shower on Saturday, we hit the road to a campground about an hour away from Blacksburg for two nights. We had a really fun time, we were somewhat calling this our practice trip for the big trip to come in less than 3 weeks. Everyone slept well, Ollie and Sarah Claire share a bed in the camper (or Scampy the Campy we've named him/her.)  We were at the campground for about 10 minutes when someone walked up and invited us to a BBQ down the way.  We went and checked it out and enjoyed a nice dinner with brand new friends.  It was a preview of things to come this summer, we will have many chances to meet new friends. I knew my son was an extrovert but this weekend he met no strangers...I am excited for him to meet new people and have so many new experiences.

We are still mapping out our journey but think we'll head north a bit then to the west, the goal is to make it to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and perhaps even Zion in Utah.  Matt and I both have a list a mile long of things to get/ and or prepare for. I still have 8 more days of school, but after this weekend am ready to get packed up and hit the road.  I've been doing lots of reading on how to keep our kids occupied in the car, would love any feedback or suggestions.

Here are a few sites I've been visiting...
...on packing for a road trip. games/ ideas for the kids.
...general suggestions and tips for RV'ers.

I am hoping to update my blog as we travel, hopefully more than I have been here lately, but hey here's to two posts in one day!

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