Sunday, June 3, 2012

500th Post...

We took these silly monkeys to the zoo yesterday.  We are so lucky to have the NC Zoo less than an hour away from our house.  We just joined the NC Aquarium society (shout out to Becca W. for the tip on this one) a few months ago, its a two year membership for $100, gets you in free to the zoo, science center and of course the aquariums.  We hope to visit a few more AZA zoos this summer on our trip as well.
 Once Ollie and Bryan got it all sorted out on the map, we headed for the "raffs" as SC calls them.
 ...having fun.
 Looking at this picture I see a little girl, not a baby, whew she is growing up!
 ...more fun.
 David (Bryan's little bro) so cute! I am trying to arrange the marriage of these two!  Ps it was not Sarah Claire's bday, just a clean shirt.  People did however wish her happy bday all day long, we just smiled and said thank you.
 The crew...funny picture, both the Clark boys are looking at me and my kids are clearly looking somewhere else, immune to the camera!
Love these guys, thankful for special friends.

Thankful for 5 years of blogging as well, so crazy to think that I have posted 500 times, wow!

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