Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 17 pics and day 18 update...

 Happy Saturday! No blog last night just didn't have it in me to go to the wireless hotspot at camp. So here is the update...yesterday we hung by this lake for a while, Ollie went for a swim.  Then Matt decided it wasn't that great for fly fishing so we headed to a stream nearby and were visited by a few Bison, that was fun! 
 Matt took this picture of the kids doing whatever in the world they are doing on me.  He calls me the "mommy bean bag." It doesn't really matter where I am sitting or laying, they always stick to me like magnets!  We've had a lot of snuggling time the past 17 days!
 We all headed back to the camper for nap time and had dinner and played at the playground then finished the evening by watching, Yellowstone Cubs...a movie my mom got us...thanks mom! I've been wanting us to watch it all week, and last night we finally did, it was fun b/c a lot of the stuff we have seen this week.  BTW this movie takes place in the 50's I think.
 This girl loves to swing, like a big girl I might add and high!  We've enjoyed all the KOA playgrounds.  By the way most of the rest areas in the West have playgrounds as well, too, very nice!
 And this is what we're (me and the kids) up to today...hanging out.  Matt went on a day hike so we are filling our day with time on the game room, the pool, although indoor and heated still feels very cool, home made fudge from the gift shop and some creative time in the camper.  I turned the kids bed into a "playroom" for the day, took out our car books and toys and are letting them "be creative!" So far so good!

Tomorrow we'll head on to Jackson Hole, WY through the 4th of July.  It sounds like a really fun place and we're excited to see the Grand Tetons! 

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Meredith said...

You must fully document!!!! We honeymooned in Jackson hole & the air is so fresh & the mountains took our breath away.... I literally was in awe when we were outside! Enjoy!!!