Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This is how we roll...


Well, we've officially made it a week on the road, they boys are out hiking so I thought I would give a quick tour of our "home away from home."

Picture 1: Is the view when you walk in and look to the right.  Our bed is in the rear, a table to the left, a couch to the right (which makes into a bed as well.)
#2: The view looking back to toward the door, the kitchen on the left which has a sink, a 3 burner gas stove top, a microwave below and storage up on top, the door to the right is the bathroom and the blue curtain my husband made, to give us a little bit of a barrier at night when we want to hang out.
#3: The view inside the clothes cabinet...lot of tupperwear containers. I think in retrospect we might have brought too many clothes.  The fridge is to the right.
#4: The inside view of the fridge, plenty of space, even has a spot for a gallon of milk.  The tv, dvd are up on top...yes I know you might think we are "roughing" it out here, but Matt wanted to make sure we had most of the comforts of home!
#5: Inside the's tiny but it has a small toilet, a shower (with hot water heater) and a sink and vanity for more storage.  We really have used the camp bathrooms for showers more than we have this shower, mainly b/c we've been close in proximity.  That's all our dirty clothes in the pillow case...will be laundry day here very soon!
#6:  The current scene in the back bed (remember we're 2 hours behind) a sweet resting Sarah Claire!  She and Ollie share this bed, he sleeps with his head the other direction tucked back behind the bathroom wall.  So far they've done fine sleeping like that!

All in all it's a tiny space but we've done a good job of maximizing all of it!  I really haven't felt like we needed a ton more, thankfully!  So there it is, our home sweet home!
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