Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 13...Yellowstone!

 We made it...it's beautiful...and I unfortunately have a spotty internet connection!
 SC by the lake, crazy hair day!
 Crazy hair day runs in the family...Ollie took this picture...pretty cool!
 These two wrestle each other a tons these days...they also have really been loving and caring for each other well too!
 Another day, another s'more by the KOA campground! Yum!
 Random pic...we've seen several of these thus far.  Its a tent that pops up out of a pull behind motorcycle contraption.  So cool! Just wanted to document it.
The big girl decided she wasn't so big after all and daddy had to go rescue her from the slide at the playground after dinner tonight.

Today was fun day of driving, we went through Yellowstone to make it to our hang out spot until Saturday in West Yellowstone...we are actually in the great state of Montana...Matt and I honeymooned in Montana almost 11 years ago!!  We saw a ton more bison, a huge elk and a few geysers as we drove through.  Our trip mileage is now over 3,000 miles! Ollie met a friend and had a very short lego playdate tonight and set up about 5 more for tomorrow...mr. extrovert!  We'll head into the park tomorrow, possibly see Old Faithful and hopefully lots of other fun and amazing things!

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