Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 10...The way of the buffalo...

 Today we went the ways of the buffalo and found a herd of about what looked like 300 bison today in Custer State Park. It was so crazy and cool.  They were literally crossing the road.
 There were tons of babies. If you look close enough on the back hind section you can see a "S" that marks this calf to show that it was born in the State Park.  According to the map there are about 1300 bison that claim the park as there home.
 This one was huge, see the cars in the road as they were just crossing and not paying us any mind.
 The best part was it was like being on our own jeep safari ride.  SC even got to drive a little bit.
 We found a small group of wild burros not too far down the road from the bison, a nice lady gave us some carrots to feed them with.
 Then we found a fun mountain stream to play in for a bit too, it was cold but refreshing.
 Sarah Claire doing yoga or something...saddest part of the day for her was she walked across a wooden bridge barefoot and got 3 huge splinters...Matt took one for the team and got them all out, but not without much screaming...poor thing.
 After naptime we went to the KOA's huge jumping pillow and bounced.  It's like a trampoline meets bouncy house kind of thing.
Olls getting some air. 

All in all we've thoroughly enjoyed our time in Custer.  I felt a wee bit of homesickness today, it's weird to me that everyday feels like the same, meaning it's hard to tell what day of the week it is because they all feel the same.  Guess I am kind of a schedule kind of girl, but after being on the road for 10 days...some of that is relaxing a bit.  Tomorrow is a long car ride almost 7 hours to Cody, WY.  It sounds like a fun town to hang out in and explore...then we'll be in Yellowstone for 5 days, pumped about that!

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