Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 6...South Dakota!

 We made it to Sioux Falls, SD today.  We are staying at another KOA, and it's right off the you can see.  Olls and SC are playing play doh on the picnic table while we were grilling some dinner.  By the way, grilled broccoli with butter and garlic in foil is really tasty! Ollie and I had a fabulous time at the pool for over an hour this afternoon while Sarah Claire finished her nap in the camper.  It is really hot here, but thankfully there is a nice evening breeze tonight.  We headed to the playground for a minute after dinner then into Sioux Falls the city to see the sights.

We got to the Sioux Falls Park just in time to catch the Trolley, which took us downtown, so fun and free!  We got off near a local diner and enjoyed a fabulous milkshake.

 We walked back to the Falls part after having our milkshake and saw lots of statues along the way.
 Here is Sarah Claire checking out the falls below.  She climbed up there all by herself...her new thing to say when she does something is..."I did it!" BTW we still put bows in her hair daily but they apparently have been cramping her style b/c she takes them out after a short while.

 Some pics of us enjoying the falls!
And the view from the tower/ overlook thing, pretty cool!

We are headed to Black Hills tomorrow for 2 nights, that's in the Badlands.  Since we arrived at this KOA at 3pm about 30 more rigs have come in, so thinking it's going to be lots of people from here on out!

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