Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day one...

Well, we made it through our first day of traveling.  Our driver did a fabulous job, we did go through some pretty mountainous roads in West Virginia.  The backseat riders did a great job, they seemed to really enjoy their travel bags. I already wish I had made 2 sets, one to switch out for half way mark.  But we will just have to be creative.  I rode about half in the front and half in the back.

We stopped for a lunch picnic at a Native American museum and are currently enjoying some camper time at a really nice KOA campground right outside of Huntington, WV.  We swam in their lake already and enjoyed the camp playground. 

Favorite parts of the day include going through 2 tunnels, playing tic tac toe with Olls in the back seat, watching Sarah Claire put shoes on her new dollar store "barbie" and fighting back tears of joy as we pulled out of the driveway this morning!  All in all a good day! 


Sarah said...

Hope you guys have a lot of fun! I'll be living vicariously through you guys this summer! :)

Joylynn said...

Love your family picture! You are too too cute and look at that grown up Sarah Claire! Let us know if Michigan is on your horizons:)