Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 4...

Day 4...we made it Minnesota!!! Lots of driving today...we are glad to be taking a break here for a few days.  This place is amazing, in the middle of the country outside of Minneapolis.  We took a break before we arrived to go to the Mall of America.  It was pretty good, crazy actually there was an amusement park in the middle.  We went for the humongous Lego store and just walked around to see the sights.

Here at the farm there is a teepee, lots of barns, a windmill and Uncle Lee makes bows, which Ollie thinks is very cool. So fun to be with family in a new place! 

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gma said...

Hi Everyone! Give Lee, Molly & MB a BIG HUG; watch out for Bella the parrot..... she's smarter than you think!