Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 12...

 First and foremost, I had to look back at the blog that I did earlier this morning to figure out what day number we were in our trip.  Day 12th turned out to be a good day.  We had free pancakes courtesy of  the campground.  Then we headed to the Buffalo Bill museum in town.  Bill Cody (whom Cody is named after) was a really cool guy, he helped bring this part of the country to life.  This museum was amazing, 5 stars!!!
 It had several exhibit rooms, I had to snap a picture of this one in the American is an early baby bjorn!!
 Our littlest explorer using a magnifying glass! So cute!

 Here is Ollie trying a saddle, Sarah Claire making sure it was tight enough! One cool thing about this museum was that you could touch and try a lot of things, the kids really loved it.
 We did some time at the pool, it was HOT here today, we saw a sign that said 101 degrees tonight around 5 pm.  Ollie got a little sunburned, oops.  Matt enjoyed a nice afternoon hike while I chilled with the kids while they had their naps...yes our 5 yr old still naps...yes we'll have to say goodbye to that ritual before the summer ends with Kindergarten coming!  We enjoyed having a pizza dinner at a local pizza place and then ended the night with a "cookie party."
And here is a picture of the amazing sunset that happened right outside our camper window just a short while ago.  So beautiful! Tomorrow we'll hit the road again to West Yellowstone and hang out until Friday, will be nice to have a home base for a longer period of time.  We'll continue our KOA tour as we stay at this cool place.

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