Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 9...

 Today we traveled about  2 hours from the Badlands to Keystone to see Mt. Rushmore.  It was pretty cool definitely something you just have to see when you're that close.  I told Matt I felt like I should just cross my heart and say the pledge of allegiance...I did not but sure felt like it!
 A close up of the 4 figures.
 We then headed about 20 more miles to our new destination for two nights...Custer State Park.  It's famous for its roaming bison.  This was a little lake we stopped at around dust tonight. 
 Our family pics like this.
Sure enough when we got into the park a bit, there was a huge Bison (or buffalo, we read it means the same thing) right there walking in the street. Pretty cool, pretty amazing.  We also saw about 30 deer as we did a little drive through as well.

It's really crazy that just this morning we were in the sandy what looked like dessert scape and tonight we are in more of a mountainous, foresty landscape.

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