Saturday, June 9, 2012

the scenes from here...

 We are in full speed ahead school's out let's get ready for the big trip mode around here.  Matt just had to snap a picture of me in the plethora of pink outfits that I was attempting to smash into those two very small clear containers.  We are not taking suitcases in the RV just Tupperware containers for easy in and out maneuvers.
This was the project before the clothes...the "activity' bags. We are still trying to sort out how this will work, but I think there is enough stuff to hopefully keep us occupied.  Olls and SC have their own magazine holder and the blue bin has stuff for me to do with them when I am in the back seat.
Finished product of the pink in plastic...sorry these pics are out of order. We are taking them 10 outfits and then some cool night/ morning gear as well.  Matt has worked through most of his list of things to do, I am just now getting started on mine since I just finished school.  The excitement level is very high though! Still hard to believe we are setting out on such a brave and fun adventure!

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