Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 16...

Today was a super fun day, the pace of today was relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.  We started out heading north in the park today.  We saw a couple of Elk on the side of the road as we were driving.  We still have not however had a bear sighting.  We then went to a mile long trail called the Artist Pot's trail.  See the second picture that was from up above on the trail.  It looks like different paint colors in a palette of sorts.  We get a family photo, hoping to snag a few more of these!  Then we headed around the upper loop of Yellowstone, there were many beautiful sights to see and much less people than where we are camping.  The last picture is a petrified tree that was off the main road a bit.  We did stop at the Roosevelt Lodge which was made in 1906, one of the oldest National Park Lodges.  Sarah Claire picked up the pony pocket book as soon as we headed into the gift shop and she carried it around the whole time.  So we just had to get it...she was so proud of her new horse pocket book, which she named "Pony" of course.  She is sleeping with it right now! 

Tonight we headed into the little town nearby and saw the movie Brave.  It was SC's first movie ever...and we had to take her out a few times with a few scary bear scenes.  But Ollie loved it.  It's the first movie the 4 of us have ever seen together...very cute movie by the way!  Tomorrow more stream side fishing and hanging out are on the plans. We have really enjoyed being in one place for so long and what a beautiful place it is!

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gma said...

LOVE the PONY POCKET BOOK! A grandaughter after my own heart ......Yeah S.C.