Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 7...Badlands!


Today was a good day, we left the far side of S.Dakota and ended up in Interior, SD at the Badlands National Park.  So incredibly cool...they look like giant sand castles.  We walked a half mile trail and saw a snake and then later on a praire dog.

We are staying at another KOA which has a really fun playground, big pool and little pool which makes the kids happy.  We will be here for two nights also which makes Matt happy, less driving.  Tomorrow we are going to try out the junior ranger program and perhaps visit Wall Drug. It's supposed to get down to 56 tonight, seems hard to believe, but we'll see.
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Anna said...

Whitney, what a fantastic summer y'all are having! I can't imagine many things I'd find more exciting than camping across the USA. We used to camp in our pop-up every vacation we took and I just loved it. We definitely stayed in some KOA's :o) I'm sure your kids are gonna remember this trip for the rest of their lives. Keep having fun and keep posting!

Joylynn said...

Ah, the good ol' Badlands, Wall Drug and don't forget the Corn Palace. I have been blessed to have visited these sites not 1 but 2 times while in high school on mission trips w/ my youth group. Are you getting any souvenirs along the way?