Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 5...Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's has been a great day in MN.  It's really been a day of rest and I think it's just what we all needed.   This morning, we got to go see Uncle Lee's bows at an archery show here in town.  Ollie got to try out a real bow and arrow set for the first time, with a first class lesson from his great uncle.  Then we all came home and took long naps.  Actually this was the first nap in a bed that the kids have taken since we left, car napping has been hit or miss.

When Uncle Lee got home he fastened Ollie his very own bow and he shot it several times, seeming like he was the luckiest kid in the world!  We had a nice dinner at a "Broasted" chicken joint in town, even had breaded cauliflower as a side...very yum!  The weather is stormy and much cooler and it doesn't get dark until about 10, makes for a tricky bed time.

We are headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota tomorrow for a one night stay at another KOA then on to the Badlands for a few days.  On the road again...tomorrow!

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