Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 2...

 Scene 1... from the back seat, a happy girl playing with her baby dolls!
 Scene 2...we did break out the DVD player today.  SC was not, however, into the headphones!
 Scene 3...out first Mexican dinner out...Sarah Claire did not get the memo I was taking her picture.
 Scene 4...Ollie found some baby frogs by a river bed we explored after dinner.
And the current scene as I type...roasting marshmallows and coloring time.

We are outside of Indianapolis tonight, at another KOA.  Today was a lot of driving, about 7 hours, which we realized might have been the longest we've all traveled together.  We drove straight through downtown Cincinnati, Reds fans were walking into their stadium for a midday game.  We drove through parts of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana....saw some beautiful things, this is an incredible place we live in...the good ole USA.  It's about bed time for all of us...tomorrow we keep on trucking to Iowa.

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