Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 15...2 weeks on the road!!

 We made it 2 weeks on the road...whew! Here's how some of our mornings turn out around here, me and the girl snuggle while Daddy who's an early bird goes to take a shower.  Love this little bear!
 Once we all got up, we headed into the park to hear a junior ranger program talk about forest fires.  I thought I had put a picture of our new junior ranger on here, but I'll have to do it in a minute. It was pretty cool!
 We played by this creek for a while.
 Then headed to this one while daddy fly fished...look at our first yellowstone trout!
 SC played in the river...I figured out today why she keep taking the hair bows out...she can't twirl with them in.
 We saw a real wolf right across the river from us...pretty cool! Also saw a couple of bald eagles today!
 More upside down glasses.
And Matt took his turn with the "finder's keepers" hat...howdy partner!  

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