Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday was a good day, a bit long in the car as we drove through (see top pic) an entire mountain range...the Big Horns.  It was beautiful, Ollie got to stop and play in the snow for a few minutes.  Overall the kids did great in the car, they are definitely adjusting to car riding, thank goodness.  This is a good thing, our sweet SC used to get fussy in the car on the way to Target, so this is a big step.  Funny how kids just simply and thankfully adjust to things. 

We arrived in Cody about 3:30 put the kids down for a late nap...neither of them slept in the car.  SC was however a bit delirious and got really, really funny...I asked if anyone gave her coffee in the morning.  This is our sixth KOA we are at, it's pretty much like the others, but has a few more perks like free pancake breakfast which we are about to take part in.  We went to the Cody Rodeo last night (all other pics) it was really fun.  Actually walked in with a family from Raleigh, NC felt like giving them a hug as they are the closests, "neighbors" we've seen in a long while.  I actually looked at the map yesterday and did a double take...we are a long way away from home!!! The rodeo was really cool and Ollie even made an appearance when they called all the kids down to the field for a calf chase...there were ribbons on their tales with prizes, (he's wearing plaid shorts and a blue shirt above.)

Today we will venture into the city, see the Buffalo Bill museum and check out the rest of the sites.  Hopefully enjoy and relax a bit around the pool too! 

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millie smith said...

I am loving following your adventures!!