Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 3...3 I states...

 Well we've successfully gone through the three states beginning with I, Indiana, Illinois, and are in Amana, Iowa tonight.  It was very hot, started raining a while ago, I get the feeling the people around here don't see much rain... and there is corn everywhere!  We passed these cool wind turbines earlier today, the picture was from the car window.
 Amana, Iowa is a really cool little town, reminds me of Old Salem.  We saw the sights this afternoon when we got here.
 More corn and sun!
 Uncle Rico??? (Napoleon Dynamite reference)
 Ollie in the corn
 Sarah Claire in the corn
 Just a view of a cute girl standing in the grass in the RV park.
 Here's her cute Daddy!
 And her brother, who has his hand in a burrow.  He was attempting to pull out a ground mouse/ chipmunk type creature.  They are running around everywhere and then back into their holes.  He set up several this kid.
 The double might not know this but SC is a 4th generation twirler (my grandma, mom, me and now her,) and Matt used to twirl his mom's hair when he was little.  She does it a lot now, I had to pull a couple of knots out today...not so much fun.
Might have to click on this one to get it to enlarge...this map is in our camper on the bathroom wall.  I tried to map out where we've been so far...follow the dots.

All in all a good day, tomorrow we head North to visit Matt's family in Minnesota, might stop by the Mall of America!!

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