Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day...

 Happy September...things have been rolling along here in Hannamland, Ollie loves school and I am beginning to love being a first grade teacher again!  We scooted away for Labor Day weekend to Sunset Beach, my parents decided to come along as well.  On Sunday we drove down to Broadway at the Beach to see the Myrtle Beach sights, it was sunny and hot!  That's Matt and Olls in the blue car thing.
 And SC and I in the race cars!!! She loved it!!
 So did Ollie!
 Headed to Ron Jon's surf shop for our first t-shirts from there!
 Got a bit dressed up for a seafood dinner on Sunday night, I was hoping to get some good family pics on the sand but it didn't happen, sigh!

 We did play putt putt...until the mosquitoes ate us alive!
And we visited the beach a couple of times, Sarah Claire and I made a castle!
 My mom snapped this shot, thanks mom!
 This photo is out of order, this is back at home the kids decided to dress up like detectives, funny!
And back to the Labor Day pics with a smooch from Grandpa Charlie...oh she loves that guy!!  We are looking forward to some cooler temps in the upcoming week and I've got many Pinterest pins lined up with super fun fall projects and ideas, hoping I find the time to get to some of them!

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