Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy 2 week birthday Ollie!

Here is my sweet little honey bunches of oats!!! My heart is so full of love at this moment in my life, so I decided to start an online journal of sorts.
I've been reading through a prayer book when I have time and I have been reminded that that our relationship with Christ is often like a dance. I LOVE to dance so I really jive with this analogy, thankfully I don't have a huge belly anymore and dancing is an option.
Two Saturday's ago Matt and I went into the hospital to start a long process of labor and that morning I read this quote, " May I dance this day with joy and passion, knowing that there may never be another one just like it." I know there will never be another one just like that one. Oliver Clayton has brought so much joy and ironically peace to our home. He has just molded right into our lifestyles, it is all part of the dance. Later on this week I read on and this quote stuck out to me, "Once your heart has heard the music, it is happy only when it is dancing." This is so true once you've experienced the love of Christ, you know that only true joy can come from Him. Today I am thankful for the joy the Lord has given to me, Selah!

P.S. (can you do that on a blog??) I need to give a shout out to all of our family, friends, neighbors and pets (ha) who have added to the joy these past two weeks, Matt and I would not have survived this time without your support, meals, money, advice and of course your love. We are so blessed!


Matt said...

Wiggs- your blog is awesome! Ps your baby is cute! Who is the daddy?

Anne said...

sweet as pie. love the photos, colors, journal, and y'all. MAYMAY

Taavi said...

good to see a blog that has God related material. Me too! I have been trying to bring God into the blog space come visit me at

Becca said...

Hey Whitney!! I love your blog. So much fun. I hope you guys are doing great. We should hang out soon!

melissa said...

what a sweetie. isn't it amazing how much love your heart can hold? i remember being pretty stunned by how much i loved being a mommy, and how much i loved my baby. now after 2, it just keeps growing! but i think you're good with one for now. haha!

Margeaux said...

Whitney and Matt!! Ollie is so precious! Congratulations on being parents, you guys are going to be awesome!! I had no idea, I guess you miss a lot when not living in the same town. I hope you are all THREE well and I look forward to meeting Ollie one day.