Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our trip on the _____????

So the boys and I went on our first adventure on the new and slightly bigger sailboat this past weekend. It was really fun, really hot, but fun. Ollie liked the way the boat rocked him to sleep at night, he is a born sailor I think. We still don't know what to name the boat, perhaps you will be inspired and send your idea our way. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Here she is, the new, well new to us, Erickson 27'. We have the boat in a slip in Havelock, NC, home of Cherry Point military base. The town is kinda lackluster, but we found some good Mexican food and that is all that matters, :).
Here is our little deckhand in his dreamy little bed we made for him, he enjoyed our little window air unit at night. Next summer we'll have to put that netting stuff all around the sides, fun times.
We found the only shady spot, behind the main sail, whew, it was hot!
This is Captain Hannam sailing the new boat. We did have to jump into the river at one point, to cool off, fortunately this boat has a really fancy ladder on the back no more struggles to pull your self in. It was a good weekend to be away with my sweetie, if you're looking for a water adventure, just give us a call, we can get there in about 4 hours.


kelly said...

ahoy, ollie! if you thought that was fun, there are many more adventures to come knowing your parents!

hannam said...

now you guys need a wind scoop! (and a sun shade!)

Matt Hannam said...

Hey Sarah,
Were you still up at 3:35 am??? Whew, I am old. I actually think the boat does have a wind scoop, we just didn't try it out yet. Can't wait to see your new "dump!" Love you, Whit

Katie said...

well you guys are having some pretty great adventures! we should hang out soon i'm moving back next week!!!

hannam said...

If it makes you feel less old, I just couldn't sleep.

Anonymous said...

"Our trip on the BEAUTIFUL", does that sound familiar? She is a beauty. Anyways I waited a long time to vote, so there you go. From one lowcountry sailor to another!