Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trip to Charleston

We took some friends to Charleston this past weekend and then Ollie and I stayed to hang out with Grandma and Grandaddy for a few days. It was a fun trip, but we are all glad to be home.Here are our friends John, Loren and Bryan at the beach. Bryan is 11 days older than Ollie, he is a cutie.
Here we are, it was Ollie's first time at the beach.
Ollie really had a fun time. As my summer vacation/maternity leave finally winds down, I am so thankful for the fun times I've had with this little guy. Tomorrow we are heading to the new boat, so stay tuned to see some pictures of that.


hannam said...

i love that smile! but what's he doin? givin em away like candy?

Katie said...

you guys look like you are having a blast!!! hope your doing well! we should hang out soon!