Sunday, May 4, 2008

farmer's market, feet and first birthdays

Matt and I have started a new family tradition, family breakfast out on the town on Saturday mornings. This Saturday we went to the big farmer's market and ate at the Moose Cafe. The biscuits are HUGE and Ollie liked the apple butter. We picked up 3 flats of petunias and this marvelous hanging basket of cherry tomatoes. I counted 45 already, what a brilliant idea, summer salads here we come.
If the success of fun can be measured by the dirt on your feet at the end of the day, Ollie had a great Sunday. Please note that we hung out on the back porch and outside for about 3 hours. There was definately a ring around the tub tonight as we washed all the "fun" off.
We also got to celebrate the1st birthdays of Maddie and Anna Cate on Saturday afternoon. Here they are ready to enjoy their first taste of birthday cake, River was so excited to share this event with her favorite little girlies. And Ollie thinks everyone should have their birthday at the park! Happy Birthday Maddie Grace and Anna Cate, you're friend Ollie is ready to show you the ropes of toddlerhood!
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Anonymous said...

Precious, Precious, Precious!
Love to you,
You know who in C.

Amy Sasser said...

Ollie, thanks for coming to our party! We will all be cruising this summer for sure...our mommies and daddies better watch out! Love, Anna

kelly said...

black feet are surely the best way to measure amount of fun had. maddie says she would like a play date soon. they can get black feet together.

Matt Hannam said...

this kid has big feet!