Monday, June 9, 2008

1st time camping!

We headed up to Stuart, Virginia this past Saturday to go camping while it was still cool, ha! We went with our friends John and Loren and their son, Bryan. It was fun, hot, but fun.
Ollie was very curious about this whole tent thing, and he absolutely loved the fact that his bed did not have "walls." We overall did pretty well in the family bed and it actually did cool off during the night.
We hiked down the hill to a fun little creek and played for a while to cool off. Ollie is quickly learning to love anything that has to do with water in this 98 degree summer weather.
The boys settled into a dirt pile for a little "free play" after dinner.
I think camping is good for the soul, even if the soul is only 1 year old, :)!
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Anonymous said...

Oh my heart just overflows with joy to see all of you so happy. Our Ollie is the sweetest little person. These are memories you will have forever.
I love you all.
Mom in C. PS Happy Fathers Day Matt! Have many more.

melissa said...

so, this is wierd - i met Loren by "chance" at the park the other day! i had no idea that y'all were friends! glad you all had fun camping!