Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Business up front...

...Party in the back or rather I think Ollie's motto is "Party all the time." So our son will turn 16 months old next week, he had a check up today and he is in the 97th %tile in height...most people think he's 2 already b/c he's so darn tall. He is a boy on the go I tell you. I started reading Bringing up Boys this week and I'm learning boys are just well boys, it's their nature. This stage of Olliehood is so fun, don't get me wrong it has its own kind of challenges. I just took these pictures of Ollie b/c his hair was just out of control. We've only trimmed his bangs one time but the back is all natural. I sort of wonder what he would look like without all the party in the back, but his hair, I think, fits his personality, just Ollie. I know eventually we'll have to cut it but for now I'm just enjoying the way the wind is blowing the hair of my sweet little boy on this beautiful sunny Wednesday afternoon.
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Lauren and Justin said...

he's so cute :) take a picture next time he poops on the deck!

kelly said...

dear ollie,

i like your mullet. don't worry if people pick on you--they are just jealous that they don't have one. in fact, i am trying to grow one myself because i think they are so cool.


p.s. can we puhlease hang out soon?